Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...and I think I'm kind of gay!,

Season Three, Part Two

12. Helpless: fail, surprising for the show all about how Buffy is a kick-ass, with or without her superpowers.
13. The Zeppo: Buffy & Willow (this week's apocalypse)
14. Bad Girls: Buffy & Faith (work), Buffy & Joyce (waffles, work), Buffy & Willow (witchcraft, work) - but could this episode be any more fat-phobic?
15. Consequences: Buffy & Faith (murder), Buffy & Willow (Faith)
16. Doppelgangland: Buffy & Willow (witchcraft, Faith), Willow & Anya (witchcraft), Willow & Willow (want to be bad?)
17. Enemies: Buffy & Faith (work)
18. Earshot: Buffy & Willow (Buffy's new demon part), Buffy & Mom (Buffy)
19. Choices: Buffy & Joyce (college), Faith & Willow (Buffy, work), Buffy & Willow (Faith, college)
20. Prom: Fail
21. Graduation Day (Part 1): Harmony & Willow (school), Willow & Buffy (school), Buffy & Joyce (slaying), Buffy & Faith (witty banter while fighting to the death)
22. Graduation Day (Part 2): Buffy & Faith (riddles)

19/22 for Season Three or 86%
37/56 for Series or 66%

Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you like my mask? It raises the dead. Isn't it pretty? Americans.

Season Three, Part One

1 Anne: Willow & Cordelia (summer), Buffy & Lily (life)
2. Dead Man's Party: Buffy & Joyce (angry art, going out, school, company plates), Buffy & Willow (party, friendship, witchcraft), and best line of the series goes to Giles.
3. Faith, Hope and Trick: Buffy & Joyce (work, Slayer Pride)
4. Beauty and the Beasts: fail all about boys' inner beasts
5 Homecoming: Buffy & Ms. Muran (school - geek points: the actress also played Vash on Star Trek:TNG), Buffy & Willow (Cordelia, homecoming), Buffy & Cordelia (imminent death)
6. Band Candy: Buffy & Joyce (candy, driving)
7. Revelations: Mrs. Post & Faith (work)
8. Lover's Walk: Joyce & Buffy (college, work),
9. The Wish: Anya & Cordelia (Harmony, fashion, Buffy)
10: Amends: Joyce & Buffy (Christmas, Faith), Buffy & Faith (Christmas)
11. Gingerbread: Joyce & Buffy ("the Slaying"), Buffy & Willow (moms), Joyce, Buffy, Willow, & Ms. Rosenberg (murder, witchcraft), Cordelia & Willow (losers), Willow & Mom (witchcraft, the patriarchal bias of the Mr. Rogers' Show)

10/11 for Season Three so far
28/45 for Series or 62% (going up)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.

Season Two, Part Two

12. Bad Eggs: Buffy & Joyce (clothes, responsibility, parenting, grounding), Buffy & Willow (demon eggs). And Jonathan got a name!
13. Surprise: Buffy & Joyce (being seventeen, driving)
14. Innocence: Nope, but BEST birthday present ever. Also, I love when Giles gets pissed off and his response when Buffy thinks he's disappointed in her (so much better than Joyce's).
15. Phases: No - all about the Oz
16. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: fail (though I do love a good Xander episodes)
17. Passion: fail, so much Angel angst, and more clearly ripped off by Stephanie Meyer material. If only Twilight were half as good as Buffy. Hey kids: stalking and controlling boyfriends aren't romantic or cool: Buffy vs. Edward
18. Killed by Death: Cecilia & Buffy (playing), Buffy & Dr. Wilkinson (medicine), Buffy & Willow (work), Buffy & Cordelia (work)
19. I Only Have Eyes for You: fail
20. Go Fish: fail
21. Becoming (1): Buffy & Willow (chemistry, Jenny), Buffy & Kendra (work)
22. Becoming (2): Buffy & Joyce (work, pending murder charges)

18/34 for Series or 53%

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who is that girl?

Season 2, Part One

1. When She Was Bad: Buffy & Mom (what's wrong?), Cordelia & Buffy (being a bitch), Jenny & Cordelia (near-death stains)
2. Some Assembly Required: fail (and - ew)
3. School Hard: Buffy & Sheila (school), Buffy & Mom (school, beauty products), Buffy & Willow (Sheila, French class, Mom), Buffy, Cordelia & Willow (grounding, beauty products), and a continuity error - Spike says that Angel is his Sire but Drusilla was
4. Inca Mummy Girl: Buffy & Empada (home, friends, being chosen), Buffy & Mom (Empada)
5. Reptile Boy: fail
6. Halloween: fail, but we get to meet Ethan Rayne, one my favourite baddies!
7. Lie To Me: fail
8. The Dark Age: fail (but more Ethan and punk rock Giles)
9. What's My Line (1): Buffy & Kendra (banter while fighting)
10. What's My Line (2): Buffy & Kendra (Slayer talk, friends, family), Buffy & Willow (Kendra, Slayer-hood, career day),
11. Ted: fail. Oh John Ritter. I think this is also the first episode where we hear Joyce called by name.

5/11 for Season
13/23 for Series

Monday, August 9, 2010

Buffy is the Slayer? She's so little.

Season One continued:

6. The Pack: fail. But we get our first taste of kick-ass Willow. Also, I know where Stephanie Meyer got the Cullens clan from. They're a carbon copy of the Hyena clique, angsty glowers, loaded silences and all.

7. Angel:Darla & Buffy's Mom (school/Buffy)

8. I Robot, You Jane: any girl talk was about Malcom/Mollak, who - to be fair - is not a guy but demon.

9. The Puppet Show: Buffy & Willow (why dummies are creepy), Buffy & Mom (talent show/nightmare)

10. Nightmares: Buffy & Willow (family), Buffy & Mom (nightmares, family), Buffy & Cordelia (class)

11. Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Cordelia & Miss Miller (class), Cordelia, Harmony, & Buffy (May Queen campaigning), Buffy & Cordelia (downfalls of popularity), Marcie, Buffy, & Cordelia (popularity, puns about invisibility)

12. Prophesy Girl: Willow & Buffy (the carnage of classmates), Jenny, Willow, & Cordelia (impending death)

8/12 or 67% - a passing grade but one would expect better.

I'm being strict with the Bechdel test - it only requires that two named women characters talk to each other (about something other than a guy). This happens in nearly every episode (usually about "work"), but I'm looking for women talking to each other on their own.

Giving Whedon the Bechdel Test: Day One

I was intrigued by this post on the Bitch Blog about television series being a spectrum instead of a pass/fail system of the Bechdel Test. Buffy and Firefly were raised as shows which would score highly of women talking to reach other about something other than women. Never being one to pass up an opportunity to watch an obscene amount of Joss Whedon, I am willing sacrifice some of my spare time and score the Whedon-verse (at least the TV-verse) on the newly created Bechdel Spectrum.

So let's start at the beginning:

Season One
1. Welcome to the Hell Mouth: Buffy & Mom (school), Buffy & Cordelia (coolness), Buffy & Willow (school)
2. The Harvest: Cordelia & Harmony (not yet named) & Willow (Buffy), Buffy & Mom (school/behaviour)
3. The Witch: Buffy & Willow & Amy (cheerleading/moms), Buffy & Mom (cheerleading/school/work), Buffy & Amy (family), Buffy & Willow (Amy/work*)
4. Teacher's Pet: lots of women but they're all talking about Zander in this episode.
5. Never Kill a Boy on the First Date: nope, all about boys in this one too and lessons about the pitfalls of dating while being the Slayer.

Current Count: 3/5 or 60%
*Often "work" will refer Buffy's work as the Slayer - vampires, demons, appocoli, etc.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Telling of Stars - Caitlin Sweet

I just finished Telling of Stars by Caitlin Sweet, a young Canadian fantasy author. The heroine, Jaele grows up on the ocean listening tales of the great Queen Galha. Her favourite story is how after her daughter is killed by the sea raiders, Galha and her army chase the raiders across the kingdom to the far seas and beyond to a barren land where they are forced to settle. After her own family are killed by a group of raiders, Jaele follows one the raiders in Galha's footsteps across the kingdom in a quest for revenge.

The book is written a lyrical style, like one remembering a dream. Disjointed memory and description which often made it hard to follow and become absorbed in. Le Guin is an obvious influence but Sweet doesn't have the same skill. On her journey Jaele meets many peoples, who all help her in their own way, the young women befriend her, the old men and women mother her and the young men fall in love with her. the kingdom is vast and richly imagined but the people and places she passes have no life of their own and are passed over so quickly I was left wondering why she continually remembered them with such fondness/sadness when I couldn't remember who she talking about.

Overall, the book is a fantastic concept with an interesting style but the plot and characters lack the depth to pull it all together,